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Report to Grounds Monday 11 March

Report to grounds (Monday 11 March 2024)

As at 7.00am today (Monday 11 March 2024) the forecast maximum temperature for Melbourne today is 37°C.Under the ECA Hot Weather Procedures, all players and umpires are to report to grounds today (Monday 11 March 2024) for Menzies & Mackay Shield, A Synthetic and B Synthetic semi finals.Players and umpires must follow the ECA Hot Weather procedures, including monitoring the temperature at the start and each break in play (Procedure here on ECA website). The monitoring will be the responsibility of the batting side (at each break in play) and they need to advise the Umpires when the temperature reaches 38°C. Extra drinks breaks should occur and drink breaks should be taken in shade/off the ground. Drinks should also be available around the boundary for fielders/batsmen and Umpires, including at the fall of a wicket.