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New Website Launch and Ongoing Maintenance

Welcome to the ECA's new website!

With the launch of the 2023/24 season, and the introduction of PlayHQ, we have opted to upgrade our association's website. When we first revamped the website over 3 years ago, we put in place a system that would be future proofed in the sense that it was easily managed (Should it be taken over by someone else) and had a focus on a colourful design with plenty of imagery that made the ECA a more attractive option to join for local cricketers. This was received well by our community, and the data showed an increase in traffic with the more content we added.

Now there is an opportunity to take our web presence to the next level. By transferring to a new CMS, we are no longer limited to the same design on every page - meaning we can now put anything and everything we want on a certain page. This opens up the ECA to more sponsorship opportunities (More details shortly) to local businesses who may wish to sponsor a particular section of the website.

Q: I noticed that the website has some missing content, when will these be fixed?

We wanted to get the website up a few weeks before the start of the season so our community could be informed of the latest updates from the ECA. This allows us to work on the newest features of the site without losing access to this news.

The most notable omission currently from the website is the fixtures and results section, and this comes down to making sure every club has registered with PlayHQ before we go live with this information. The plan with these sections however, is that each grade in our competition has their own dedicated portal on the website so you can see the content relevant to you without wading through the other grades.

There are also plenty of policies that are in the process of being updated, we are replacing standard PDF's with manually typed articles built into the website, and we ask for your patience as these are transferred over. The Senior rules page however has already been updated for the 2023/24 season so feel free to see the list of new rules there.

Q: Where is the link to the photo gallery?

There is also a change happening with photos this season (More info to come soon), but the main point is that we are also changing out photo gallery hosting site which is also in the process of being set up.

Last season Chris Mirabella was writing up weekly round up's around the top turf and synthetic grades, with some notable other performances on occasion. We would like to increase our production of these - But we can't see every scorecard every week  so we encourage clubs to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your team, or someone at your club has had a particularly exciting weekends we can write it up or even get in contact and record a phone call about the match.

Michael Mirabella
Communications Manager