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Grassroots Cricket Funding opportunity

Thank you to Steve Scerri from Grant Professionals for passing on this information regarding opportunities for eligible ECA clubs to apply for funding from Cricket Australia.

A new round of Cricket Australia’s Grassroots Cricket Fund opens for applications this Monday 18 September, accepting applications from eligible clubs within the subsequent 4 weeks until 15 October.   
This is a very good Cricket grant that has a good chance of success for eligible Cricket clubs.
Up to $5,000 can be applied for Promotional / Recruitment activities or for Retention activities.  For further information please visit https://play.cricket.com.au/community/clubs/managing-your-club/grassroots-cricket-fund/grassroots-cricket-fund-guidelines

How To Apply

Clubs will be able to apply for funding via an online form at https://grassrootscrircketfund.com.au. Ensure you:
Thoroughly read the guidelines
Confirm that your club is eligible
Ensure that you are applying for eligible items / activities
Submit a detailed program outline, including cost breakdowns, quotations, and projected outcomes and impacts. You application must also have the endorsement of your State or Territory Cricket Manager.
Need Help?
If you need any help applying for this grant, please contact our partners, Grant Professionals via the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
Grant Professionals, Website Link, are very familiar with this grant and support many cricket clubs, including many in the ECA as some of you would be aware, as can be seen on their web page Successful Cricket Clubs.
Grant Professionals will be attending our ECA Delegates meeting on 27 September, providing a short presentation on grants, where you can also chat to them about grants -  including this one.
Yours Sportingly
Steve Scerri
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E steve@grantprofessionals.com.au
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