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Darren Read Plays Game 400 for Burwood Uniting Canterbury

This weekend, life member and club stalwart Darren Read completes his 400th match for Burwood Uniting Canterbury.
A dedicated clubman for 40 years, Dash has filled numerous off-field leadership roles on the committee for over 25 years as well as on-field in the form of captaincy.
His numbers speak for themselves. Over 10,000 runs with 11 centuries and 60 fifties, along with a handy 130 wickets. Most proudly for Dash, he has been a part of 5 premiership sides, including 3 in the 1st XI.
Please join the Burwood Uniting Canterbury Cricket Club in congratulating Dash on this incredible milestone.

Neville, Brad, and Darren Read

Darren first picked up a cricket bat at the age of 5, and has barely put it down in the half a ton since then. Back in the day we could always be found in the park or the backyard at Kyabram with the neighbourhood kids or competing for the family ashes between ourselves.  His illustrious career nearly ended when fielding a ball from the rough and encountering a brown snake but even that wasn’t enough to deter him from his love of the game.  He was always exciting to watch with the bat, except for that one time when he ran through the front door with it and smashed the glass – probably our Mum’s least favourite batting performance.

We played our junior cricket together for Lancaster, just outside of Kyabram before moving to the big smoke and joining the ranks at Mitcham. Weekends in our house were always about cricket, and Darren was still playing under 16’s at Mitcham when he got the call to ‘fill in’ for the Burwood Uniting Cricket Club… where they must have spotted that he was a pretty handy young lad and he was soon promoted to the first XI at 17 years of age.

Playing alongside great club legends like Pete Nicholls, Mick Frail, Tex, Macca,  Garry Baker & Ian Jacobsen, who took the young ‘Dasha’ under their wing, with their cricketing wisdom, inspirational leadership and coaching, provided the foundation for what went on to become this outstanding achievement of 400 senior games with the now BUCCC Bulls.  With a few summers spent away from the crease living in the USA (where he did actually manage to play a couple of games of cricket) and with a stint at East Box Hill & Box Hill South, Darren has officially notched up 471 senior games. I know that playing most of those games side by side as brothers, with many lifelong friends and now with his nephew Brad, has been a highlight for Dash and something that we have both shared along with awesome memories on and off the field and the various highs, lows, wins and losses that come from chasing the red ball around the paddock.

We’ve been part of 4 Premiership teams, 2 with the First XI, and the scoresheet archives will tell the story of his contribution, usually coming in at #3 to steady the ship or slot one over the fence when warranted.  Chalking up nearly 12,000 career runs and taking over 200 wickets, Darren features on both the Club and Association honour boards with his name in gold leaf as BUCCC Club Champion on multiple occasions, winning several club and association batting and bowling awards and selection for both the ECA and Box Hill Reporter representative teams.  In recognition of his contribution to the club, both on and off the field, the Darren Read First XI Club Champion award is most appropriately bestowed each year, and Darren is proudly a long-standing Life Member of the club, having served with commitment and dedication to various committee roles over the years as well as team captaincy and coaching roles. In recent years, Darren has been passionate in sharing his cricket knowledge and developing young players in the 2nds & 3rds, to support the future of the club that I know he is immensely proud to have been part of for such a large part of his life.

- Neville Read

Darren's Reflection on his own 400 Games

I never imagined I would play 400 games. it only really became a target last year after reaching another milestone. I play cricket to enjoy being with my mates. Don’t get me wrong, I am still competitive but playing with mates is what I have always enjoyed. As I have gotten older, hopefully, I’ve been able to pass on some knowledge to the younger and not-so-young guys to help them become better cricketers.

Luckily one of my best mates is my brother, and now I join this small club of 400 games alongside him. We have played together for nearly 35 years and I’ve been at the club for 39-40 years. We have both had the privilege of captaining the 1st X1 and playing in premiership teams together, but my fondest memory is making 100 together in the same game in LOC1 in 2016. Something we were able to achieve again in 2019. 

To play 400 games for BUCCC is an honour and a privilege, to have been able to have played with and beside some of the greatest players the club has seen, will be something I am always grateful for.

- Darren Read

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