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Woolworths Blasters is the beginning of the cricket journey for many of our cricketers

Woolworths Cricket Blast Coordinator Training Resources

From Sharon Lynas: Inner East Metro Manager, Cricket Victoria

To further support the online and face to face training, that has already been delivered we have 2 great new resources to further support Cricket Blast Coordinators wanting to re-visit or further develop their training.The following video will take Coordinators through all they need to know about running a successful and engaging Cricket Blast session. • Woolworths Cricket Blast Coordinator Training video which goes through the theory and practical components in under 25 minutes. This Woolworths Cricket Blast Coordinator training module is designed to support Coordinators by teaching the ins and outs of the program. Cricket Blast Online Learning ModuleWe are so glad you are committed to creating amazing experiences for children all across Victoria as they begin their Cricket journey.

Match Day