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VMCU Carnival a chance for ECAs emerging young players to shine

Extending our best wishes to all the players, coaches, managers and supporters for the 2024 VMCU Carnival

The Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union (VMCU) Annual Cricket Carnival is a highlight of the ECA season. This two week carnival, starting on Monday 8 January, sees the best junior cricketers across all the metropolitan community cricket associations come together to particpate in a brilliant tournament.  We are excited to be fielding 10 teams - 3 girls and 7 boys, to represent the Eastern Cricket Association.
We extend our very best wishes to all the players, coaches, managers and supporters for the tournament. As much as the cricket will be competitive, we remind everyone this is a great learning experience for the players - parents and supporters, encourage the efforts of all the players on both sides and most of all enjoy the experience.

You can read more about the VMCU and the history of the carnival here.

Girls Squads

Olive Allen
Youmaneh Atti
Hayley Brown
Zoe Collopy
Lucy Fitz-Patrick
Pippa James
Ava Lloyd
Chloe Macafee
Isabel McBride
Emily Pugsley
Edyn Ross
Lola Whiley
Sophie Wilhelm
Hilary Worley
Matilda Barrett
Rose Clayton
Issy Fleming
Francesca Hackwood
Piper Heathcote
Jessica Hodgkinson
Rahni Kelly
Genevieve Khaw
Elodie Powyer
Holy Scammell
Charlotte Treloggan
Maddison Tudor
Polly Verner
Tia Bhatty
Ciara Braine
Bianca Broadbent-Sicilliano
Emily Costigan
Frances Davis
Sienna Dobson
Victoria Gonsalves
Sinead McClay
Audrey McKinley
Georgina McLeod
Lucinda Reeh
Abbey Tyrell
Bronte Mosley
Lily Murrihy

Boys Squads

Aiden Richards
Vedanth Shetty
Tom Forrest
Shray Sahni
Ari Kalla
Senuk De Silva
Ryan Sharma
Patrick Forster
Om Joshi
Nethil Adikaram
Nathan Riedler
Marco Van der Pligt
Luke Macey
Luca Simmons
Joshua Grainger
Jenson Lange
Jagen Tennakoon
Ishar Manj
Ishan Reddy Thaiparthi
Charlie McBride
Ashton Grainger
Archie Green
Arman Shaw
Yuvin De Silva
Xavier McIntosh
Will O'Brien
Tom Tritton
Nikolas Tuli
Thevin Sembukuttiarachchi
Taranjot Soi
Tanish Singh
Stirling Rofe
Sid Bhatnagar
Romesh Gunatilake
Mohammed Imran
Max Munro
Lucas Vangurp
Lucas Stackwood Smith
Liam O'Connor
Josh Moore
Jack Darley
Harry Nicholson
Harry Middleton
Harry Dichera
Edward Slattery
Clarence Spurr
Brad Moore
Auley Brown
Alex Wilhelm
Nathan Woods
Yianni Dikeos
William Apted
Vihaan Vaddadi
Sid Subedi
Rahal Balasuriya
Patrick Gleeson
Owen O'Brien
Noah Mariadson
Maxwell Taylor
Maadhav Maheshwaran
Lucas Harris
Kathir Suresh
Justin Hayes
Jonah Riley
Joel Dicheira
James Moylan
James Le Get
James Hall
Harry Van der Pligt
Eddie Smith
Declan Hudson
Daniel Anderson
Angus Hoath
Abbas Haider
Aadhi Harsha
William Grybas
Jamie Shepherd
James Alleva
Grady Brooks
Obie Chambers
Maximilian Dias
Christopher Gorman
Charlie Landrigan
James Little
Christopher Oliver
Samuel Olsen
Nick Terpou