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Allowed Grades From Other Competitions

Competition Association No ECA if Played in Current or Previous Season No ECA if Played in Current or Previous Season Only Sunday 1 Only Sunday 3 & Above
VCA Premier 1sts, 2nds 3rds 4ths, Womens 1sts
VSDCA Subdistrict 1sts 2nds 3rds 4ths
VTCA Victorian Turf Senior Division Senior 2nds (Quinn), Div 1 (Isaacs Howarth), Div 2 (McNamara), Div 3 (Picone), Div 4 (Clark) Div 5 (Pollock), Div 1 2nds, Div 2 2nds, Div 3 2nds, Div 4 2nds Div 5 2nds
BHRDCA Box Hill Reporter Ray McIntosh, Wilson Dorothy, McIntosh, A Grade (White), B Grade, Top 1 Day Grade C Grade, 2nd 1 Day Grade
CSB Cricket Southern Bayside Champ Division Div 1, Div 2 Div 3, Div 4 Div 5, 1 Day Div 1
DDCA Dandenong & District Turf 1, Turf 2 Turf 3, Turf 4, Turf 1 & 2 Res Turf 5, Turf 3 Res, Synth A & B
DVCA Diamond Valley Cricket Association Barclay, Money Mash, B Grade C Grade
MCA Mercantile A Grade A Grade Sunday, B Grade, C Grade B Grade Sunday, C Grade Sunday, D Grade
FTGDCA Ferntree Gully and District Reeves De Coite Div 3, Div 4
GCA Geelong Div 1 1sts, Synth Div 1 Div 1 2nds, Div 2 1sts, Synth Div 2 Div 1 3rds, Div 2 2nds, Div 3 1sts
MCC MCC Club XI Div 1 Div 2
MPCA Mornington Peninsula Provincial 1sts, Peninsula 1sts, District 1sts, Subdistrict 1sts Provincial 2nds, Peninsula 2nds, District 2nds, Subdistrict 2nds A1, A2, A3, B1, B2
NMCA North Metro (ex Jika) Jika, Quick Kelly, Adams Horne, Young
NWMCA North West Metro Luscombe, Kyte Stringer, Attwater Muir, Seipolt
RDCA Ringwood & District Trollope, Wilkins, Strachan (Yarra Valley) Newey, Pascoe, Finger (Yarra Valley) Meehan, Spencer
SECA South Eastern Longmuir Woolnough, Quiney D, E, F
WGCA West Gippsland Premier District Subdistrict B Grade C Grade, D Grade
WSCCCA West Suburban Churches A1 B1 C1