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ECA Code of Behaviour


As part of a player and club’s registration with this association is the requirement that all clubs, their registered players and members adhere to the following Code of Behaviour


  1. Clubs shall exercise great care in the selection of captains.
  2. Clubs shall closely monitor and fully support the efforts of captains in regard to the maintenance of the Code of Behaviour.
  3. Clubs shall be responsible during matches for the maintenance of order by their members and any other person with whom a relationship of affinity exists.


  1. Captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as the Laws of Cricket.


  1. Recognise that the umpire is in charge and has the final say.
  2. Courtesy and respect should be shown at all times.
  3. If, in anyone’s opinion, an umpire misinterprets a rule, avoid heckling or arguing with him or opposition players. Any registered player of club official disputing an umpire’s decision, using abusive, threatening or language, during or after a match, within or outside the playing field, is liable to be reported.
  4. If clubs are unhappy with an umpire’s performance, the correct procedure is to make a constructive report to the Umpires’ Officer.


  1. Avoid making uncomplimentary or unnecessary remarks to opponents.
  2. Opposition players are guests and should be treated as such.
  3. Avoid becoming involved in discussions between an umpire and your opponents.
  4. Praise for good play of an opponent is a sign of sportsmanship.
  5. Out-going and in-coming batsmen should cross on the field.
  6. Bowlers should return to the start of their run-up without delay and should be ready to bowl without wasting time.
  7. Players should assist captains and umpires in the smooth running of the game.
  8. Fielders should move quickly between overs and when required to change their fielding positions.
  9. The setting and changing of the field should be undertaken without delay.
  10. Alcohol or other illegal substances should not be utilised by players whilst the game is in progress.
  11. Use social media with discretion and whilst using this do not abuse others or expose others to content that is offensive, inappropriate or for an illegal purpose.
  12. Adhere to Member Protection Policy & Child Safety Policy as adopted by Cricket Victoria.